This 3-minute video explains how Ecopilot® harnesses a buildings thermal mass to improve internal climate, reduce carbon emissions and save your building up to 40% in energy costs. 

Thermal mass (free energy) exists in all buildings, so why not use it? Ecopilot®'s unique feature is its ability to use thermal properties, real time data, and a 5-day weather forecast to optimize set points automatically and continuously to any existing BMS system to coordinate the operation of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.  The result? A smart, real-time energy tool that intelligently takes control of your building in an intuitive manner.

Ecopilot® is the result of our long-standing experience in property automation and is backed by extensive research from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.  It has more than 1,000 installations. Read more about Thermal Mass in the Built Environment.  

With the Ecopilot® Analysis Tool, system improvements can be easily identified to further reduce waste and cost, helping meet your financial and environmental goals.  The online dashboard provides a total overview of your real-time energy consumption and indoor climate, while making full control of the building easier. For example, you can see whether the week’s energy consumption has been normal, whether the energy targets will be attained and whether the tenants have the correct temperature.

The building’s condition in real time

The real time analysis which you obtain will give you the answers on the building’s performance under different conditions. You will also be able to see the effects of the sun, wind and outdoor temperature. Ecopilot® uses this data to optimize operation.

Quality assurance of the climate

By installing Ecopilot® and using the Ecopilot® Analysis Tool, you will get control over the most important parameters in order to ensure a good indoor climate. Temperature sensors and the calculation functions of Ecopilot® ensure that the indoor temperature is maintained within user specified comfort levels.

Energy saving measures

You can also use Ecopilot® Analysis to identify which energy saving measures can be taken in the property. It may involve locating imbalances in the heating and ventilation systems, thermal bridges, leakages in the climate shell or windows which need to be sealed. A prioritization plan based on the measures’ profitability is normally developed for implementation of the measures.

CO2 and atmospheric humidity

If you prefer, the room sensors can be supplemented with sensors for measurement of COand atmospheric humidity. Property owners who have full control over the temperature, COlevel and relative atmospheric humidity in real time in their buildings can always offer their tenants a pleasant and quality assured indoor climate.

See the hot and cold zones

Ecopilot® Analysis will give you access to a dynamic temperature map. There you can see the temperature in real time in all climate zones of the property in a clear graphical format, providing the property’s hot and cold zones. It will provide both a quality assured indoor climate and good analysis opportunities of the property’s energy consumption.

Ecopilot® Power

Ecopilot® Power utilizes the building’s capacity to store energy to optimize buildings’ power usage in relation to the energy supplier’s power rate. Connected buildings have demonstrated significant savings from reduced power charges after installation of Ecopilot® Power.

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